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Méray motorok
- Méray JAP 350 OHV
- Méray JAP 500 OHV Trailing
- Méray JAP 680 SV
- Méray JAP 1000 SV
- Méray JAP 300 SV
- Méray KK31 500 SV Katonai
Previous works
- BSA S29 1929
- Puch GS 350 1944
- Suzuki GT 380 1972
- Suzuki GSX 1100 Katana
- Zündapp KS 50 WC TT 1974
- Yamaha TR3 Replika (250)
- Yamaha TR3 Replika (350)
- Yamaha TR 3
- BMW R 62 1928
- Ducati 750SS Replica
- Ryer JAP 770 Brooklands
- Suzuki GS 400 Tricker
- Yamaha XS 400 Cafe Racer
- Gyerek tricikli
- Honda CB 400N Cafe Racer
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- Suzuki GT 380
- Yamaha TR 3 Replika
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- JAP Catalogue 1927
- JAP Engine numbers
About us 
An old friendship and the love of motorcycling has grown into our business . Both of them almost from infancy, where smaller or larger budget deal gazdálkodva riding in different branches . Personally, I was officially working since 1998 as a motorcycle mechanic . I am in the fortunate position that I had the old big names from the industry catches learned through close observation . The knowledge thus gained was cashed several years of motor racing speed , some well-known Hungarian athletes of help to their success ( Aszalós Adi , Bitter Alex, Jana Vegh ) . And who are the "invisible" part of the team of people across the country live experts who can help us with their precise and accurate work that our customers always leave satisfied . Our main line as the classic , veteran racing and street bikes and restoration of the building we set out to customize . Between future goals include the development of a park veteran motor racing engines available that can feel empathy for the lease to be able to compete a little taste its flavor . In addition, we undertake the adaptation of street bikes up to demand competitive purposes. The existing machinery we produce using the supplies or procurement of care .

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